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March's Menu

Chocolate Caramel Tartlet with a dollop of cream cheese whipped cream drizzled with a ginger citrus sauce and garnished with finely chopped roasted cashews.

Signature molten chocolate cake garnished with a dollop of freshly whipped cream served hot out of the oven.

What Is It?

Hosting a Girls' Night In is an opportunity to do something unique and different with your girlfriends.

Simply gather a group of girlfriends at your home.  When they arrive, they will be greeted by me, a glass of wine, and a mouthwatering dessert.  

While they're indulging in dessert and wine, I will be preparing my signature molten chocolate cake and pouring them another glass of wine so they can indulge some more.    

Why host a "Girls' Night In?"

It's simply a way to bring the party to you in the comfort of your own home. No aggravating traffic.  No lack of parking downtown.  No restaurant noise and loud music.  

Simply, a night with good friends eating dessert and drinking wine!

Parties of 2-10 can be accommodated.  Price includes a serving of two different dessert selections and two glasses of wine per person.  All set up, clean up, flatware, glassware, dishes, linens provided.  Each event is 2 hours in duration.

Dessert selections will change each month.  See the "Bookings" section below to schedule your event.  If you have any questions, please call Leigh at (615) 393-9427.