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About Us

My love of baking began in my grandmother's kitchen.  She was fearless in that she was always willing to try a new recipe but she made sure to put her spin on it to make it her own.  

As a child, I never really appreciated the amount of time that went into her creations.  But, looking back on these times in her kitchen through an adult's eyes, it is easy to see how much love she put into baking and how happy it made her to see the delight on loved ones' faces when they tasted one of her creations.

The biggest reason why I started EastLeigh Desserts is to share this love and passion for baking with you.  Through creation of mouthwatering  desserts, I'm hoping you'll feel how much love and care was put into each one so that you'll feel the same heartwarming experience I did when my grandmother baked for me.